ViewSite Brain Access System (VBAS)

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The accessing of surgical sites within the brain without unduly damaging surrounding tissue requires specialized instrumentation that is less invasive in performing critical procedures while minimizing collateral trauma.

The most commonly instruments used in brain retraction procedures are ribbon or blade retractors, however neurosurgeons have a need for devices that provide better surgical outcomes, benefitting both the surgeon and the patient. New and quantifiable technologies such as Image Guided Surgery (IGS) is dependent upon the system recognizing key components (i.e. retractors) and having them become a recognized portion of the system and the procedure.

VBAS is a revolutionary approach in brain access and retraction. Each VBAS system consists of an introducer and a working channel port that allows the surgeon a seamless entry to the targeted site while distributing brain tissue evenly in a 360° dispersion pattern. Other VBAS benefits include superior binocular vision to see in and around the surgical site; multiple sizes in different widths and lengths to meet all surgical needs and compatibility with most surgical arms to avoid accidental displacement or movement during surgery.

The Vycor Extension Arm has been designed to serve as an extension between VBAS and commonly used Fixation Systems.